"It is our goal to become one of the top 5 Carbon Credits providers in the world, placing the highest priority on generating nature-based credits."

To this end, MyCarbon brings forward its experience in the development of high quality carbon credit projects, providing its clients with credits that generate benefits far beyond the mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions. MyCarbon's carbon credits embody the extensive care for biodiversity, fostering the sustainability of forest areas and reforestation, helping to protect endangered species and strengthening local communities.

These are initiatives that go far beyond the sequestering of carbon in the soil. These are projects that generate life, food production, and sustainable energy to the world..

MyCarbon, innovative solutions via the carbon market for those interested in:



Benefits for the planet and countryside communities.

Now, you have a great opportunity as a rural landowner. Transform your environmental assets, conservation areas, into extra income! Indeed, with projects from MyCarbon, in partnership with the Renove Program, you can generate additional income for your business from your conservation areas, and through the implementation of low-carbon management practices in ranching. In addition we offer technical assistance so that you can increase your profitability and generate carbon credits, as well as help to protect the planet.

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Value Added


Invest in the reputation of your brand

Gaining recognition from your consumer as an environmentally responsible company adds value to your brand, your products, and your services. Undoubtedly, people are increasingly seeking to choose products and services that are linked to the global demands of protecting against climate change. These new consumers are looking for products and services that offer high added value.

That's why MyCarbon has been investing all of its knowledge and expertise in order to provide your company with a decarbonization project for your products and services. That way you will be able to highlight a zero carbon footprint for your products, services or even your launch event, wouldn't that be great? Join MyCarbon and help change our planet while adding even more value to your brand.

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carbon credits

Invest in biodiversity preservation

The carbon credit market has undergone many changes over the past few years. There are many new developments, regulations, and challenges ahead. MyCarbon is here to join you along this new path, offering quality, credibility and trust.

Quality, based on the development of high standard projects for the generation of carbon credits, using nature-based solutions (Natural Based Solutions).

Credibility, supported by a team with a technical profile and excellence, in addition to implementing the best practices in the management of its processes.

Confidence, having been born a giant, MyCarbon is a subsidiary of Minerva Foods, the largest meat exporter in South America.

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