Meet MyCarbon - A new venture into the market of carbon credits
10.07.2022 - 14hs

Meet MyCarbon - A new venture into the market of carbon credits

In the coming years MyCarbon hopes to foster the carbon market in Brazil and to assist companies seeking to reduce emissions in order to contribute to the goals of the Paris Agreement

MyCarbon has recently entered the Brazilian market focused on inaugurating a new standard in the voluntary carbon credit market. Its objective is to help companies that are seeking to meet their greenhouse gas reduction and neutralization targets, as part of the planetary effort to live up to the Paris Agreement and prevent global temperatures from rising more than 1.5ºC.

Created in 2021, MyCarbon emerged rooted in the pioneering spirit and commitment to sustainability of Minerva Foods, a leader in the export of animal protein in South America. As its subsidiary, MyCarbon plans to originate carbon credits through environmental preservation and restoration projects in the field, soil carbon capture, and other strategies, in order to share these credits with companies that wish to neutralize their emissions.

Companies can use the carbon market as a tool to reduce emissions and mitigate climate change. It allows companies from different segments to generate and sell carbon credits by promoting initiatives and projects aimed at the reduction or elimination of greenhouse gasses. Companies that are not yet able to have a 100% carbon-free operation can offset their emissions by buying these credits. This market brings countless advantages to Brazil and provides the inclusion of people and communities in the conservation of the environment and biodiversity, in addition to generating jobs and income. 

According to McKinsey*, the global carbon credit market will generate US$ 1 billion in transactions by 2021. In Brazil, the potential for generating net revenues is around US$ 20 to US$ 100 billion by 2030.


Carbon Market Opportunities

With this potential in mind, MyCarbon is focused on developing and commercializing carbon credits following international methodologies and standards, thereby creating financial opportunities for nature preservation in order to accelerate efforts to combat the climate crisis. It works together with agricultural producers and technical partners in the development of a remote sensing platform in which it will be possible to calculate, with ease, the carbon balance of agricultural properties and estimate their potential to generate carbon credits.

Part of the know-how of MyCarbon comes from the innovative actions of the Renove program of Minerva Foods, which promotes the engagement and joint efforts of the company's suppliers which promote sustainable agricultural practices that reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The program has been implemented in Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Paraguay and Uruguay, with 91 ranches** participating in the measurement of the carbon balance. Through the program training, access to credit, and technical assistance for producers is offered in order to help them transform their production systems and invest in regenerative practices, which will generate greater opportunities for profitability via carbon credits, and financial compensations for environmental services.



Do you want to learn more? Visit and see how your company can be part of this journey towards a low-carbon future.

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